Vidal follows Balotelli in blasting Chiellini's new book

‘I don’t see why one should say those things, it annoyed me’: Arturo Vidal follows Mario Balotelli in blasting Giorgio Chiellini after former Juventus team-mate accused him of drinking too much alcohol in his book

  • Giorgio Chiellini’s new book has come in for criticism from former team-mates
  • The Juventus captain claimed Arturo Vidal had drunk too much alcohol
  • But Chile star hit back at his former Juve team-mate claiming he broke no rules
  • Vidal, now at Barcelona, claimed Chiellini had broken a dressing room code 

Giorgio Chiellini’s book continues to create controversy and negative reactions with Arturo Vidal the latest to hit back at his former Juventus team-mate.

It follows on from criticisms made by Mario Balotelli and Felipe Melo following their supposed negative portrayals in the book.

The former Juventus midfielder, now with Barcelona, had been accused of drinking too much alcohol.

Arturo Vidal took to Instagram to criticise former Juventus team-mate Giorgio Chiellini

Vidal believes Chiellini was wrong to criticise his off-pitch conduct concerning alcohol

During a direct Instagram Vidal said: ‘People have focused on the worst things Chiellini said. And I don’t see why one should say those things, it annoyed me.

‘But he also said that I was a champion. He called me and explained to me. I didn’t do anything I couldn’t do. I was allowed to go out. I am a human being like everyone else. I work hard and if friends meet for an asado with the club’s permission, I’ll go too.

‘If I have to stay focused, I do it. But when it’s my turn to have fun I take advantage of it, I’m just like the others. And when I was wrong, I paid and got up’.

Vidal ended his verbal tirade by hinting that Chiellini had broken an unwritten rule of ‘what happens in the dressing room stays in the dressing room’ by saying: ‘In football there are codes…’. 

Chiellini raises a high foot against Vidal during a Juventus game against Cagliari in 2013

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