The below plans are prepared by two local running experts, Eric Fruth and Jim Jurcevich.  Combined they are co-owners of the Columbus Running Company, write for Running Times magazine, coach of the Cbus Pacers, and have personal accolades from All-American status to participating in multiple Olympic Trials.

Take advantage of a few training plans that can help you participate in this great event!

Eric's 'First 5K' Plan
Jim's 'No walking this time' Plan
Jim's 'No pain no gain PR' Plan

Cbus Pacers

One of the best ways to train is with a group! Take advantage of a fantastic, FREE running group right here in town - the Cbus Pacers. It's a great way to meet runners of all abilities. That equates to training tips, running buddies, social gatherings, and more.  The group also has designated pace group leaders and great coaches to help you with your goals.